Do you know the way to Treviso?

On the way home from Venice to Treviso airport Grandma started to panic. It got so bad that when they got to Preganzol station they got off the train and called Craig to find out if they had gone too far. It turned out that they were a short distance away from Treviso and that it would have been the next stop on the line. They had to wait for the next train.

Lady in Pink

It is not unusual to see Grandma sleeping, but the lady in pink in the background seemed to think that Teresa and Sarah were taking pictures of her when they had actually been taking pictures of the buildings and the pigeons. She gave really odd stares at them all.


I could not believe this when I found it, its a pikachizer, so you can actually talk like the pokemon Pikachu. I put “I didn’t think that Pikachu was actually saying anything, but obviously he is.” into it and it came out with “Pi piii’pi chuuu chuu pika-pi pi-i Pika-pika pika-pi piikachu, chu kaaa-chuuu chu ka.” I really thought that they were talking bollocks?

I suppose the funniest thing is if you do it to my beloved website.