My Donut Franchise

I have invested my hard earnt pennies in a chain of donut stores. You’ll find them throughout Califonria, so when you’re on the road look out for the big donut with “Cuddly’s Donuts” written on it. You’re always welcome. Go in and ask for me. 🙂

Happy Birthday Harry

It was Harry’s birthday on the 5th March. He was 5 years old. We knew it was his birthday because Teresa found the original receipt from Harrods, so unlike some of the bears, we know his birthday. Teresa was pretty amazing and created a donut shaped birthday cake within minutes.

Untitled Cuddly Bear Project

This is my attempt at a scifi film “A naive computer programmer is working as a spy in a sun-baked spaceport. His computer is destroyed by a rogue parasite. With the help of a mute alien, he must cross into another galaxy in order to avert disaster and save his way of life.” and is known as the Untitled Cuddly Bear Project. It sadly doesn’t have any known names linked to the project yet or even a distributor, but I will persist with Julia Roberts agent until she signs onto the project.

If you don’t think much of my scifi film plot then try for yourself.


Teresa is really creative. She saw a donut cushion on the ‘ternet and acclaimed that she could make that, so she gave it a go and made me a donut pillow. It is utterly amazing. I have had to warn the other bears that is not real and the sprinkles are sewn on!