Caution! Large update coming soon

I promise that I am going update my blog soon. My apologies for not updating my blog, but I have been traveling around Europe and Africa for the last month and will be traveling around the rest of the world for the next month. I have lots of pictures from the places I have been. We have over six thousand photos to go through. The countries include Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Holland, France, Austria, Libya, and Egypt. I also have lots of stories from my travels.


The premiere of my movie, “Return of the Teddy” was last week at the Grand Lake Theatre. The critics gave it good reviews and I am already in negotiations for the sequel. I have been overwhelmed by its success.

Harry Air Bear

When searching the net, we found stories about a bear who was owned by the RAF and who travelled the world. His name is Harry Air. He is the most travelled member of the Royal Air Force with hundreds of miles clocked up in his log book. He has been to all the RAF bases around the world and flown in all their aircraft. I think that is pretty amazing.

At the end of 2004 he was put up for auction to raise money for Children in Need and raised £750. I thought that was amazing. You can read all about him and his adventures. I think the best thing is that he also loves donuts, which shows he must be related to me in some way.