Wheel of Fortune

Teresa’s winning streak continued. Ronn was insistent on playing the $1 wheel of fortune slot machines. She put $20 into the machine and came away with $547.

Monster Crane

After seeing the Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur we went around at played the carnival games. Teresa’s luck continued as she won 4 dogs on the Monster Crane.


Teresa, Craig and me flew out from the UK to Las Vegas with Virgin Atlantic to hold a big party at the MGM Grand. We had booked a Sky Lofts room at the MGM Grand and had arranged for friends to come from throughout the US to travel to Las Vegas and stay there for several nights. The idea was to have as much fun as possible.

1001 carpet cleaner

I have always thought I was a clean bear, but after having to endure another tumble in the washing machine I have come to the conclusion that I have to stop being a polychromatophile. I enjoy having a caesar salad, but the oiley dressing gets on my tshirt, and then for the life of me I cannot find anything to get the oil stain out. I tried 1001 carpet cleaner, oxi clean, vanish stain remover and all manner of suggested ideas from the internet, but none of them work. I only have so many tshirts, so something has to be done sooner and later.

Big Fish

Here I am with Sarah in front of one of the big tanks with the big fish. I prefer the small fish, so I stayed close to Sarah.

Shark Attack!

Yes, that is a shark. They are scary, even when they are behind a big sheet of glass. They seemed to like to terrorise the tourists by heading towards the glass and then turning away at the last minute.

Try this at home

The London Aquarium is worth going to see if you have a 2 for 1 voucher, otherwise the price seems very high. There were some cool exhibits in the aquarium such as this car which was filled with water and fish.

For all you kids out there, why not try this at home fill your parents car up and add some goldfish.

London Eye

We went on a day trip to London. Whilst there we went to see the London Eye. It didn’t appeal to Sarah who is afraid of heights. I thought that the London Eye would only be running until 2005, but it must be more popular then they had expected.