Hes a lumberjack

The floor laying has started today. This is a major diy (do-it-yourself) project for us as in involves laying an cutting lots of wood. It will hopefully in the end look very nice and will be complete before the sofa suite arrives on Tuesday. It is a public holiday on Monday here in the UK, which gives us some extra time.

When the floor has been completed then Teresa is going to finish painting the walls and then she will be doing the skirting boards too. I think then we just need to get the rest of furniture including the pool table and for Craig to finish the z scale model railway in the coffee table. 🙂

Craig started to feel like a lumberjack as he was moving so much wood around and he started to whistle Monty Python’s “I’m a lumberjack” song. I am just happy that we are being fed extra donuts and milk to keep us going. 🙂

One week left

Only one week left until my girlfriend, Sarah arrives. I say my girlfriend, as she is my friend and she is a girl. 🙂

The house is a bit of a mess as we are trying to get things organised. It reminds me of the quote from Incredibles where elastigirl says “weve finally moved in” and mr incredible replies “so the last 3 years didn’t count”. I know that Craig is hoping to lay the new flooring in the livingroom this weekend and then hopefully the sofa will arrive before not too long.

Kenwood House

Kenwood House Here we are outside Kenwood House. We had tickets to see the Bootleg Beatles live at Kenwood House so whilst we were there we took pictures of the house. The house is famous for being in films such as Notting Hill.

Pot Roast

I have adopted another virtual pet. His name is Pot Roast and is an attentive rabbit. If you would like to play with Pot Roast then please click here. He likes lots of carrots and doesn’t like foxes. Please ensure that he is fed regularly and locked away at the end of the day. 🙂