Winter in Tahoe

I’ve had a hectic year travelling with Craig, Teresa and Isabel. We have been to Paris, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe this year. I have come back to Tahoe for the winter season. I have found a really nice warm fireplace to sit next too, although some have said that I am a polar bear and should be happy to spend my winter outside in the snow. I would love to go and play out in the snow, but there has been no snow in Tahoe this December. Last year, they had 15 inches of snow and if I went outside I would disappear in the snow.

3 thoughts on “Winter in Tahoe

  1. When my owners find a teddy who has clothes, they buy him and I swap clothes. Teresa is also very crafty, so she has made a few of my t-shirts.

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