Lego Pilchard Inn

The lego masterbuilders have gone to such detail in building the lego village, in the middle of the water is a island with an inn, Pilchard Inn. The details of all the buildings and bridges are amazing. If you ever get to visit Legoland and the lego village then it is worth taking your time admiring the models otherwise you might miss the small details.

Legoland Holland

The lego village at Legoland has modelled the world, everything from Great Britain to America. Amsterdam in Holland has been modelled in lego. The city is famous for its canals throughout the city and their unique bridges crossing the canals. The barges travel through the canals using an underwater pulley. It all adds to the realism.

Legoland Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam has been modelled in lego at Legoland. There is such an amazing amount of detail in the canal barges, the bridges, and the buildings. With the canal barges moving on the pulley system the diorama is always changing. If I were to add more detail then I would make the bridges move up and down.

Legoland Houston Space Center

They modelled the Houston Space Center in the lego village at Legoland. The center is known for hosting ground control for the NASA missions to outer-space. The detail is great and the model even includes NASA space craft Saturn V which now resides outside the space center in Houston, USA.

Legoland Vallee Blanche

This model of Vallee Blanche in lego village at Legoland is very realistic. I couldn’t believe that it was made from lego bricks. It might be that I am not used to brown lego bricks, but it really does look like wood. If you are wondering the cable car actually goes up and down the mountain.