Out of Miami

We’re on a cruise for the new year. We left miami yesterday and for the next few weeks will be touring the carribean and florida. When we set into port then I will post some of the photos that I have already taken.

The weather so far has been very good, warm and sunny. I can see why so many people were jealous that we were escaping the horrid winter weather.

I will try to update my blog during my trip.

Christmas Fair

There is a Christmas Fair being held at the Natural History Museum. This is accompanied by a temporary ice rink which you can book tickets for. There were lots of stalls selling christmas ornaments and food, lots of things to sample and it was all very festive.

The ice rink was sadly melting due to the unusually mild weather. This meant that we weren’t able to go skating. The ice rink was more like a pond.

Main Street, Martinez

Whilst we were visiting San Francisco, Teresa painted the window of the White Rabbit on Main Street in Martinez. The owner Anne hadn’t been planning to decorate the window, but Teresa with her artistic flair offered to help decorate the windows for the holiday season.

We knew that the San Francisco Chronicle were going to be writing an article about the unique stores on Main St., Martinez, but we didn’t know that the photographer would be passing whilst Teresa and Sarah were painting the window. They took this great picture of Teresa finishing the inside window.