Lemony Snickets

I was fortunate to get the entire series of Lemony Snickets books for Christmas. I had problems reading before, but with my new glasses I was engrossed so much that I went and read all twelve books.

I can see

I got some perscription glasses today, so I can finally read without squinting. This means I can use the computer more often now because I can see the screen clearly. I will post a picture when I get the chance.


My favourite character that I met at Disney was Sulley from Monsters Inc. When he saw me in Teresa’s coat he pushed past all the people wanting to take photos and headed straight towards me. Teresa took me out of her coat and he grabbed me between his paws. He then started to walk away. He then realised that all we wanted was a photo with him, so he posed for the picture and then gave me back to Teresa. I was really scared for one moment as I thought he was kidnapping me.


I don’t think many people know about the door mouse coming out of the kettle, but Teresa noticed that the door mouse would come out of the kettle each time it boiled. We waited by the kettle and took his picture as it boiled.


I got to ride the Carrousel which was really nice. I like gentle rides, but I also like really fast ones too. I don’t much like simulator rides as they make me sick.

Chicken Little

I was surprised to meet Chicken Little at the studio. He was signing autographs and was giving everyone big hugs. I really like him and can’t wait to see the film.


There are some great rides in the Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris. My favourites were Moteurs in Action, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Armageddon. They are building Terror Tower there too, you can see part of it in the background of the picture.


I think my favourite character that I met at the character breakfast was Baloo from the Jungle Book. He gave me a hug and after the photo he danced with Teresa.


Whilst at Disneyland Paris we decided to go to the Disney Movie Studio. It was a very wet day, but whilst we were entering the studio we got to meet Chip from Chip and Dale. Although in France they call Chip and Dale, Tic and Tac.

Flying on Dumbo

We all got to ride the Dumbo ride. Wendy, Teresa and I all shared one elephant and flew really high. Craig, Simon, Rebecca and Joshua all flew in other elephants.


There is one Disney character who I really don’t like and that is Pinocchio. Whenever anyone went up to him in the park to take a photo or get his autograph, he would run away. The same happened last time we visited the park.

Only one more day

I’m really excited. Tomorrow morning we set off for Disneyland Paris. Were going to be there for 4 days and tomorrow evening we go to Buffalo Bill. It is going to be great fun, although the weather might be a bit wet. I am going to take my new raincoat so hopefully I can go on all the rides there.

How to find my site

We were wondering how everyone gets to my site. We have taken a look at the statistics and compiled the top 20.

1. alice in wonderland
2. christmas tree
3. snowman
4. star wars
5. pillsbury doughboy
6. finding nemo
7. space mountain
8. goofy
9. forrest gump
10. doughboy
11. james bond
12. nemo
13. pillsbury
14. birthday party
15. tower of terror
16. keanu reeves
17. alice and wonderland
18. teddy bear
19. pirates of the carribean
20. birthday

There were some odd search terms outside the top 20 such as “beyonce’s nipple slip”.