I was given the boxset for the tv series Lost for Christmas. I started watching it, and noticed that whilst the discs normally show pictures of the characters on them, the second disc for the second season had a picture of a teddy bear on it. I guess this was a missing character from the series whose story ended up on the cutting room floor, so we never got to see how they survived on the island against the polar bears.

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  1. No, he was an important character for the show, even if stupid ole People didn’t give him a name. He appeared twice that we remember, possibly a third time, but only in the background.

    He belongs with the two children with the Tailies. First time, he apears is when the children wash up on land. (The stewardess ended up taking care of the children, so we assume the bear took care of all of them.) The second time is when the main character People escape from The Others and they’re hiding in the bushes. (Around the time Sawyer and Kate ended up in bear cages together. It has always been our theory that the bear put them in the cages, because of the way he was treated. No proof. Just a theory.) But, that’s the bear’s main scene. He’s hanging by a rope between two pairs of feet. (Reminded us of the time Luke Skywalker was carried, similar fashion, by Ewoks.) He looks terrible – all grungy and upside down, but he is where every important character should be – at the last scene of that episode. We never see who is treating him so badly, but once we see the kids again at the temple (the second to the last season or was that the last season?), we see the kids and stewardess again, so maybe we just missed him in that scene.

    But, rest assured – he is a teddy bear; therefore, we all know that he survives. As for the People? Hey, if you’re only on season Two, we won’t tell, but Mommy is still angry about the ending. We are too. They never do bother telling us what happened to the most important character – that teddy bear!

    Someone remembered all his scenes, so here’s a link about him – http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Teddy_bear

  2. I’m so happy! I LOVE this blog. Thought it would never be updated. Keep on chronicling this lovely bear’s day to day happenings ^_^

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