I think Grandma was overwhelmed by Doge’s Palace. It was not like any of the buildings and churches she had seen previously and all she kept saying was ‘Awesome!’.

St. Marc’s Square

Here is Eddie standing in front of the pigeons on Piazza San Marc, or in english St. Marc’s Square. There were lots of pigeons, Eddie said that the tourists would drop food for them. I always thought of them as flying vermin.

Eddie and Grandma

When Eddie couldn’t see over the side, Grandma was more than willing to assist. I think she tried to throw him overboard at one point. She doesn’t like the bears as they sometimes bear attack her.

Empty seat

As the trip progressed through the canals of Venice, Eddie got fed up of the attempts of Grandma to throw him off so when she wasn’t looking he pushed her overboard. Here is Eddie showing the empty seat after she has been thrown overboard.

Sarah took my seat

Sarah really enjoyed the gondola trip through Venice. Eddie got to sit in her arms for part of the trip, although she did take his seat at the front of the gondola.

Tourguide Teresa

The streets are very confusing in Venice. As Teresa had been there before she brought along a guide book which contained maps so that we wouldn’t get lost on the streets.

Gondola ride

As Grandma and Sarah had never been to Venice before, Teresa decided to treat them to a gondola ride through Venice. Eddie got to ride at the front of the gondola.

Silly photo time

I don’t know whether it is a being on holiday or just grandma’s desire to have a silly photo in every european country, but like the face of wonder picture we took in Salzburg, we were able to get a similar picture in Venice.

Nice hotel

The hotel we stayed at in Venice was the Carlton Executive hotel. The rooms were very nice. Eddie got to share with Teresa whilst Sarah shared with Grandma. He normally has to sleep on a shelf, so sharing a bed with Teresa was luxury for him.

On the door step

The hotel they stayed at in Venice is in a prime location. You walk out of the door and you’re on the grand canal and opposite a church. As grandma likes seeing culture this was great for her.

On the bus

Teresa’s mum came to visit us at the end of Septemeber. They went on a 3 day trip to Venice. Here is a picture of Sarah on the eurobus going to Venice.

Our roving reporter

As Craig wasn’t able to go to Venice with Teresa’s mum, Sarah and Teresa I decided to stay home with him. I sent my roving reporter and brother, Eddie with them to Venice to report on everything they did. Here he is sitting on Sarah’s lap.


Here is Craig’s train. The chilren loved to look down the tunnel at the train, although I don’t think they realised how hot they can be. They are actual working steam trains, so they get very very hot.

Don’t blink!

Even though it doesn’t look like it, this is an action shot. The loco is about to fall off the track onto the ground, and the wagon between the loco and the second wagon has already fallen off the train on the other side of the wall. They were one of the first trains to run and the track must have had some debris left on the line.

The train is heading towards your head!

There were lots and lots of children at the Brambleton open day. The children enjoyed gathering at the bridges to see the trains coming through the tunnel, but what they didn’t realise was that trains go in both directions. When we took this photo there was a train heading straight toward the boy in green’s head and his father was calling out his name very loudly. He thankfully lifted his head before the train collided with it.


There was an accident at the open day and of course Craig had to be involved. He was driving his train past another on a passing loop after a train has ran out of fuel. He had clearance and was heading around when another train came at full speed down the hill towards him. He had no way of avoiding the train and a collision occured. There was minimal damage, but everyone in involved was extremely embarassed.

BIG crowds

The weather was great and the turnout was amazing. There were lots of families and lots of children at the open day. The numbers haven’t been confirmed, but the Brambleton open day went very well.

Casey Jones

The Brambleton public open day was really neat. Craig was driving one of his trains whilst Teresa, Sarah and me came along to watch. Sarah and I dressed up in a casey jones train drivers outfits.

Playing with trains

I just found out that Craig went to play with his steam train without me. 🙁 I couldn’t believe it as he knows I like to play with trains. He has promised to take me rain or shine next time.