How to make a jellybean

It was really interesting to find out how they make a jellybean. The first step happens at the “mogul station” where the slurry of the beans are molded from a recipe that includes cornstarch, corn syrup, fruit purees, and other flavourings. The centers are allowed to dry. I didn’t realise how long it takes to make a jellybean. Once they are dry they receive a “sugar shower”.

The next step involves dozens of machines, which look like small cement mixers, stood in long rows. The beans are tumbled in stainless steel barrels as confectioners add syrup and sugar in a two-hour process. I wondered how they know how much to add. After drying, the process is repeated six times. The last engrossing coats each bean with a shiny glaze. Several days later, the beans receive their official Jelly Belly mark, which is applied by a machine that does the job at a rate of 21,000 beans a minute. I don’t think I could even eat that many jelly beans. The jellybeans once ready are packaged by half a dozen multi-jointed robots.

If you ever wondered how all the jelly beans are so perfect, they have a machine which checks to see whether each jellybeans is the correct size. If they are too small, too large or stuck together then they are known as “Belly Flops” and are a packaged in large bags to be sold in the store in the foyer or at the factory outlet store.