Superman Returns

We got to see a preview of Superman Returns today. We really enjoyed the movie and thought it encompassed the magic from the original Superman movie. Brandon Routh was great as Superman and is a superb replacement for Christopher Reeves. He has the charisma and persona which he needs for the Superman role. When he stands there with the cape flowing in the superhero stance he really looks the part. I hope that in any sequels that he returns to the role.

Kevin Spacey was magnificent as the arch villain Lex Luther. The character had an evil side and a real dark humour. Some have said that Gene Hackman was better in the role, but I think I prefer Kevin Spacey for being closer to the type of character you would expect for a megalomaniac and evil villain.

I was pleasantly surprised at how good Superman Returns was. I had heard all manner of bad rumours on the internet about the casting and the re-writes, but in the end Bryan Singer brought the magic which he had with the X-Men movies to Superman. I really hope that they make a sequel with Bryan Singer at the helm. I would like them to bring some of the other comic book villains to life such as General Zod, The Prankster or Doomsday.