Something ate my mail

Whilst we were in Florida, I sent a postcard home to the teddies who weren’t able to join us. I was a little upset when it arrived today because it looked as if something had taken a bite out of the corner. We were surprised that it arrived as part of the address has gone. The postcode was missing and only United was left of the country United Kingdom.

2 thoughts on “Something ate my mail

  1. Our apologizes! We knew you had gone on a cruise that started out of FL — our side of the pond! We assumed (how could we not kehehehehe) that you would take Cuddly, so we wanted to make sure eberyone was taken care of properly.

    We air delivered (by our buddy, Petey the Pigeon) our buddy Sammy, the Squirrel, to your ship directly, and Petey was a’posed to pick up, Sammy, when your ship came back!

    Well, there was a mix up — Teddy’s 5th birthday party — Petey drank too much coffee and was in no condition to pick Sammy up. We tried calling Sammy by cell phone, but, well, you know — SQUIRRELS DON’T HAVE CELL PHONES! Doh! (Neither do Teddy Bears.)

    Well, Petey did go to pick up Sammy, who had a rough day in between. Ya see, once eberybody leaves the ship, there is no more food to eat! Sammy was saving your postcard, so beary carefully, to make sure it got sent back to your home, but, well…there was no food on the ship and he was stuck like that for a good 22 hours! A squirrels gotta eat, and gotta eat often.

    To keep starvation away, he’d take a tiny little mouthful of the postcard ebery hour, just waiting and waiting for Petey to show up and rescue him. You can tell how many hours he had to wait by the amount of postcard missing. He did tell us that he tried to keep the important part in tact — your message!

    Both Petey and Sammy have returned home, now, and Sammy hasn’t stopped eating eber since! Matter of fact, there is no leftover birthday cake left, once Sammy got home, but we figure that’s a good trade, just as long as he kept an eye out for you, so beary carefully, while you were on vacation.

    He says he hid beary well, but feared that you might have spotted him, when you got off the ship on Grand Caymen. Did you notice any, beary American looking squirrels there? We were trying to be de-creet, but, well, not knowing what that word means, it was hard!

    Your Abearican Friends,
    Teddy and Spaulding
    who are glad you got back OK, eben with the mix up!

  2. Ich muss denken, dass dat ziemlich gut ist. Jedoch muss jeder es für zu seinem eigenen entscheiden was man macht..

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