A Letter from America

I was delighted to receive an email from my brother today:

“Hi Cuddly:

I am sorry it has taken me so long to write since I left. It was a bit of a travel to my new home. I now live in the United States. In Concord, California, with Maleyna. She is really nice. You should meet her sometime. Then we can spend time together. I miss you. This city I live in is where Teresa use to live. Her mom still lives here. Maybe I could go see her sometime.
So far since I have been here I have gone over to Maleyna’s nannies house a few times, that is her grandma. I have been to the dentist with Maleyna too. She had to have some teeth pulled. I hope I dont ever have to have teeth pulled. I have been to the Doctors Office too, because Maleyna’s cousin Gabby had to get checked, she has an ear infection. I have also been out of the city, to another city, Pittsburg, that is where Gabby and her family lives.
Maleyna’s nick name is Meena, Meena Bug, or Bug, isn’t that cute. She named me Mr. Hyde, after Hyde Park there back at home. Teresa also sent her another teddy bear, Meena named her London. She is a bit bigger then me, but really nice and we are good friends. We get to sleep with Meena every night.
Meena and I made something special for Teresa, that is getting mailed to her tomorrow. Let me know how she likes it.
Well Cuddly, it is late, and it is Meena’s bedtime, and mine too. So we need to go brush our teeth and go to sleep. Meena has school tomorrow, she is in the 5th grade. I will stay with her mom while she is in school, till she gets home.
I will email you pictures soon, once her mom puts them on the computer from her camera.
Please give Teresa hugs from me, and kisses from Meena. I will email you again. I do not get computer time all the time, mostly on the weekends, so I will try and email you later this week.

Love You,
Mr. Hyde”

I can’t wait to see pictures of my brother and his new friends. It sounds like he is happy living in the United States.