Kyoto, Japan

I am visiting Japan once again. I have already been to Tokyo on this trip and shall be returning in a few days, but we have travelled east to the city of Kyoto which was the capital for many years. The city is full of history as during the war it was not bombed as it was known to be a city of historical significance and was not a military target.

In the picture you can see the Kyoto tower which one of the best visual landmarks in the city and a great way to see the city. It also looks awesome at night. 🙂

We travelled to the city by the bullet train which is awesome despite its age. I can’t believe it first opened in 1964. You can travel at 200mph!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my second trip to Japan and I am looking forward to all the other sights we are going to see in Japan before we leave. I also hope to go shopping for some interesting gadgets and toys before we leave.

Tokyo Shinjuku

After a 10 hour flight from London we have arrived in Japan. We are doing a tour of the country so I will have lots and lots to blog at the end of the trip.

The view from our room is amazing. We can see all of the Shinjuku region of Tokyo. We are going to go out shortly and see the National Gardens, Kabukicho and Electric Street.