Tales of a Globetrotting Teddy Bear

I am in our local newspaper, The Herts Advertiser. I had Aimee Brannen from the newspaper contact me last week asking several questions. I didn’t expect the article to be in the newspaper so quickly, but when I was reading the newspaper earlier I suddenly noticed that an article was about me. 🙂

Its a great story. If you would like to read the article then click on the link below.

Yes, yes, yes. Eddie we all know that its you in the picture in Venice. I wasn’t allowed to go because I might have fallen into the water. 🙁


2 thoughts on “Tales of a Globetrotting Teddy Bear

  1. Hayo Cuddly!

    My name is Boo-Boo and I am from Vancouver, Canada. I am a lamb with super powers. Anyway, my mummy’s coworker found your blog and passed it along to her, and she passed it along to me. I want to read this article but it won’t come up. Do you have another copy of it?

    Thank you for sharing your life with us. Maybe I’ll send you my picture one day. :o)

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