The personal session was really difficult. It might be that I am out of shape. I have been eating too many donuts. I have started eating healthy and have cut down eating donuts to only once a week.

I did weight work, lunges, and exercises with the ab-roller and the sling. The sling helps you to exercise the ab muscles, but I think that might have been too advanced for me. I was afraid of falling, so suspending from the sling was very scary.


I was able to find one cardiovascular exercise which I was able to do, the rowing machine. It was very tiring for me as I am only a small bear. It takes far more effort than it would for anyone else. I might try the treadmill next time as that has got to be far easier for a small teddy. I had to complete my cardio before proceeding to my session with my personal trainer.

There are so many different exercise machines; the x-bike looks really cool, the strider looks scary and the never ending stairs looks dangerous. I will have to try some others next time.

Exercise Bike

I started my training today for the Bay to Breakers. I went to Bodydoctor Fitness. The Bodydoctor specialise in sensible exercise programmes that everyone can do at home or in the gym. I have been eating too many donuts recently so having a personal trainer will really help get me into shape. I had to start the session with cardiovascular exercise, but I was having problems trying to find an exercise machine small enough.