Eiffel Tower

We were crossing the bridge across the Seine when we had this opportunity to take a picture of the Efifel Tower at night lit up. It looks really impressive at night when lit up, either with the flood lights or with twinkling lights. It doesn’t look as amazing during the day because the painted iron doesn’t look as good.


Whilst on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower I came across these paws on the floor. It looks like a large bear had been up there at some point. I think in reality they are paw prints for children to follow around the tower. A great idea!

Notre Dame

I had visited the Notre Dame in Paris before, but last time it was cloudy and overcast. This time the weather was far better, chilly but clear and sunny.

The Cathedral is amazing. It is so large. If you look at the photo you can see in the distance the doors to go inside and the people going through the doors. This can give you the kind of scale and size of the cathedral. They certainly didn’t decide to build a small building when they built the Notre Dame.


I must apologise for not blogging. We have all been very busy and I have been neglecting my blog. I have so much to blog and for my pour paws it can be very tiring work. I promise that I will get around to blogging about everything which has been happening, including our trip to Japan. In the meantime, we recently went to Paris for a short trip.

I took the opportunity whilst on the Metro in Paris to take a blurry picture of both a train arriving and one at the opposite station. The Metro trains scare me slightly because the door is operated by the individual by the door, so when you get to the station you can operate the door and open it. This can all occur whilst the train is still moving, which is why it is scary.